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Apply Aloe Vera    or other  Moisturizer.

Apply cold until pain stops

(10 to 40 minutes)

Superficial   ( 1st degree )

  Partial thickness   ( 2nd degree )

            Or      Full thickness  (3rd degree)


Remove clothing and jewelry from burned area. Apply cold until pain stops (10 to 40 minutes). Apply anti-burn ointment.

Cover with nonstick, sterile dressing.

Check burn severity table as a guide about seeking medical attention.

7) Determine Burn Severity: (See Table 1) This forms the basis for how to treat the burn victim. Most burns are minor, occurring at home, and can be managed outside a medical setting. Seek medical attention for all moderate and severe burns, as classified by the ABA.le

Check ABCs and treat accordingly. Treat for shock. Remove clothing and jewelry from the burned area. If stuck, cut; don’t pull off.

Apply sterile dressing or clean cloth. Elevate burned arms/legs.

       Large area               and/or          3rd-degree burn?

Degree of burn (choose more serious when in doubt)




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  3)  Determine the depth of the burn. Making         an assessment of the burn will help you decide whether to seek medical attention for the victim.    If you can’t figure it out, don’t panic.  


 4) Determine the extent of the burn. This means  estimating how much the body surface are the   burn covers. (See Figure 4) The rule of nines must be modified to take into account the different propositions of a small child. In small children    and infants, the head accounts for %18 and each  leg is %14.  


 5) Determine which parts of the body are burned. Burns on face, feet and genitals, circumferential burns (one that goes around a body part) should be treated by an official immediately.

 6) Seek medical attention for all moderate and severe  burns if any of the following apply:

- Victim is under 5 or over 55 yrs old.

- Victim has difficulty breathing.

- Victim has preexisting other injuries

- Electrical injuries exist

- The face, hands, feet, or genitals are burned.

- Child abuse is suspected

- Surface area of  2nd  degree burn is greater than 15%    of the body’s surface area

- Burn is 3rd degree


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What to do:

   1)   Stop the burning !  Burns can continue to injure tissue for a long time. If clothing      

         is burning, have the victim roll on the ground using the   “stop, drop, and roll”  

         method. Smother the flames with a blanket or douse the victim with water. Stop         

         a person whose clothes are on fire from running, which only fans the flames. The

         victim  should not remain standing, because he or she is more apt to inhale flames.

   2)  Check Airway Breathing Circulation  (ABC)


Thermal   Burns



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