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Immediate Action  /  Triage 

Top 5 Reasons for Motorcycle Accident 

10 Fatal Errors that have Killed Experienced Lawmen 

 Protect & Serve 

Your Rights & the Police 


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Cannabis / Medicine Laws 101
                      Laugh Out Loud, or Not                          

What if State & Fed Law Conflict  
Cannabis Etiquette 
The Good, The Bad of Medicine

We the People !   -  Politics 101.... *  (embeded play list of School House Rock listed below)

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            No More King  (America - Mayflower)     

              The Preamble  (The Constition) * 

                I'm just a Bill  (law making) * 

           The American Melting Pot  (Heritage) *

               Connecting the Dots... (message)

 Gun Laws 101 

 The Good, The Bad of Gun's 

 To Own & Carry 

 Injury Stat's 

D.M.V  Basic Traffic Test D.M.V  Bike Motorcycle Test

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