Public Awareness & Motorcycle Safety

   Mission pg

         I am putting together a Safety Awareness Run to promote Positive Imagery & Accountability of motorcycle riders and the public. " A common ground to Come Together; "  First Aid, C.P.R and our motorcycle fatalities.  The Run shall be called.   “ Run For Your Life ”   and go 3 counties, 4 townships, each stops would be lessens in First Aid / C.P.R,  Accident Management, covering the in and outs of D.U.I’s (pot, alcohol, pills)


           Why,  In Roughly a Year I have buried, gone to the aid of severely injured / maimed friends, fellow riders, acquaintances. - Do to Road Rage, Speeding, Drinking, Club (m.c.) Wars, large amounts  of Ignorance, Rude Behavior,  Inexperience totaling for me 12 + people locally  here where I Live and Ride.   A lot of the latter buried !


            For,  the People, fellow Riders caught in the middle, harms way of the road             

                                                       wars & ignorance.


 Where will the Money Go: - Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, (Court protection services), Keeping   Soldiers & Families in Contact w/ each other, transition, there & back.


       In the Begining and in the End: I am not here to argue,  " Who is Right or Who is Wrong " 

I only wish to Learn How to Educate the People, fellow Riders on the In’s and Out’s of These things.  How to help them be more aware of their Surroundings & Choices, give them a place to feel safe to choose where, when and with whom they ride.


        In Putting all the Politis aside,  we could put them in their own environment Riding and Learning, having Fun.  We can put the kids, (boy scouts & teens) Bloody and then Saving Life’s in front of the Riders so it will stick longer in their minds and everyone would be having fun / learning hands on.  Then we move them to the beach to learn C.P.R and eat.  A chance to relax and enjoy the journey, the lessons of the day, time to absorb, file it in their minds.  I do not wont to judge if your a Good Guy / Bad Guy,  for wearing a patch, a badge or Both !  Nor what brand of bike, or style of riding you prefer,  that is your choice and right to live & walk ! I do not claim to be able to stop People or Riders from Acting Drunk & Stupid,  or be able to control the Rude Out of Control Behavior of the Younger Generation and Culture !     " We All Agree it is a True Problem that Exists in More Than One Area and Group ! " I do not wont to debate, if Pot Should Be Legal or Not.-" It's here and it's here to stay ! "  Most of all,  I do not want to war over whether the Judicial System is corrupt, or not, or how much !  “ It is and we all know it,  Yet it is the only one we have to work from ”.    As stated earlier -  I am here for the People & Riders, to educate them, to help themselves


     We the People In Order to form a more Perfect Union  –  establish Justice, insure    

                         domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, - - - -                                     


    " These are just  "Some of My Reasons & Thoughts"  behind this Run. 


   Thank You for your time and any assistance or suggestion you might have on how to move   

   forward on this mission.                                                         


                                                                         Sincerely,  Terry  -  TigerSafety                                                                     





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